Discover unique, natural surroundings and treasured landscapes, fauna and flora.
Relax and enjoy… from mountain to valley… from stream to hillock.


The golf course was designed and built to provide the best conditions to meet all golf lovers’ demands. The golf lay-out follows the topography of the land, fitting in naturally with the landscape and taking advantage of slopes, vegetation and streams.


The 3 bedroom houses facing the forest are the most private in the resort. They are placed alongside the main street, near the Club-House and built with two floors. Having the forest as the limits of its big gardens, these houses are the most private and family friendly in the resort.


The club house provides some superb meal experiences with the relaxing long views and the kindness of the personnel. This way you don’t need to worry and can enjoy your days in a fantastic and relaxing environment.


Sophisticated Club House with historical legacy at the center of all social activities.
Golfers reception, golf store and support, members’ rooms, restaurant, bar and terrace.


The Vale Pisão Golf Course consists of 9 holes with varying degrees of difficulty, complemented by a golf academy equipped with all the necessary conditions for the practice of this sport, ranging from the Putting Green for bunker practice, Chipping area, to the Driving Range.


Golfe Quinta do Pisão – Campo de Golfe S.A. has the NP EN ISO 14001 Certificate of Conformity, for the Management, Exploration and Maintenance activities of the Golf Course.

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The unique atmosphere, surrounded by the natural beauty of the location, provided unforgettable musical experiences.
Each note resonated through the enchanting landscapes, creating a perfect harmony between music and nature.

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