About Vale Pisão

Vale Pisão – Nature Resort is located in the North of Portugal, 15 minutes from Porto, the second largest city in the country. It is easily accessed through several different motorways, ensuring excellent mobility in all directions via nearby links to A1, A3, A4 and A41 motorways.

Vale Pisão – Nature Resort includes one of the most modern facilities for the practice of golf in the north of the country. The golf course was designed and built to provide the best conditions to meet all golf lovers’ demands. The golf lay-out follows the topography of the land, fitting in naturally with the landscape and taking advantage of slopes, vegetation and streams. This creates an exceptional layout, with understanding and balancing challenges of evident beauty and strategy.

Vale Pisão – Nature Resort creates THE DIFERENCE BETWEEN LIVING IN A HOUSE AND LIVING IN A HOME. With houses from T0 (studios) and T6 (six bedrooms), suitable for everyone’s needs, featuring extensive exterior areas, terraces and gardens which allows residents to benefit from the surrounding landscape. Vale Pisão – Nature Resort is a perfect choice for those who play golf or enjoy a quality lifestyle.